A Special View — A Book About Maybelle Hardy


A Special View — A Book About Maybelle Hardy┬áby Diane I. Johns

Maybelle Hardy’s is the story of an incredible woman rising above hard times to enrich the lives of all she touched. Maybelle contracted polio while a teenager and lost the use of both her arms, forcing her to compensate by using her feet and teeth to accomplish daily tasks. This did not stop this determined woman from carving out a rich life for herself in the Kennedy area of the remote Northwoods of Wisconsin. Maybelle was a lover of history and nature, and she wrote a weekly newspaper column entitled “Through my Kitchen Window and Beyond,” which captivated readers with her writing style and observations of the wildlife crossing her path and visiting her feeders. This remarkable story of a true Northwoods legend also includes many photographs along with historical information of the Kennedy area.

53 pages