from Babi’s Kitchen


Collected Recipes & Stories of the Frantisek &
Josephine Machovec Family



An outstanding cookbook with a collection of recipes and family stories, celebrating the love of Bohemian cooking and great eating of the Frantisek & Josephine Machovec family. A portion of the Dedication By Judy Cermak Bormann and Author’s note By Barbara Cervenka Schultz both granddaughters of Babi describes it best. A special thanks needs to go to the women who married the Bohemian men who tried to recreate the recipes based on what the men “remembered” that the food tasted like. And to the men who married into the family who didn’t understand at first that plum dumplings were the meal, not just a side dish; who came to know that porkdumplingsandsauerkraut might as well be one word because that’s what we all grew up thinking! By Judy Cermak Bormann. The title, from Babi’s Kitchen was a no-brainer. The kitchen was the heart of the farm house. It was the usually biggest room, the center of family life. There may have been a fancier dining room, but the people who mattered-family and good friends, the neighbors who stopped by for a quick visit or to help out with the field work-were welcomed to coffee, fresh bread, butter and jam at the sturdy wooden chairs around the simple kitchen table. By Barbara Cervenka Schultz.

Kathy Cervenka, a member of the Price County Historical Society and granddaughter of Babi has graciously donated 25 copies of this book to the Society. We thank Kathy and her family for this jewel of a cookbook that mingles pages of family recipes and family history to form a rich tapestry of family connection no matter your culture or heritage. All proceeds of the sale of this book will go to benefit the building of the Louis A. Koenig Archive and Research Center on the Campus of the Price County Historical Society in Fifield, WI. 174 pages