Hicks’ Landing Supper Club Cookbook


Hicks’ Landing Supper Club Cookbook

1991 By: Marian F. Hicks, Author; Connie G. Hicks, Editor/Publisher; Erma M. Hicks, Consultant- 40th Anniversary Collection of Fine Recipes Vol. I. Edition I

2021 By: Connie G. Hicks, Hicks’ Landing “since 1951” Francis, Erma, Marian, Connie Hicks. 70th Anniversary Commemorative Printed Edition Vol. I Edition II

It all started in the forest of Northern Wisconsin near Fifield on the banks of Sailor Creek Flowage in 1951 when Fran and Erma Hicks placed a tin can on the rail of an old bridge for fishermen to leave their coins for boat rental. From there, Hicks’ Landing grew to become a premier fine dining establishment that was known not just locally, but, state, nation and worldwide. The original cookbook, authored by daughter Marian Hicks, along with Editor/Publisher Connie Hicks and Consultant Erma Hicks was published in 1991 for the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Hicks’ Landing. Out of print for a number of years, Connie Hicks, the second and youngest daughter in the family decided to republish the original cookbook in its entirety with additional updates detailing the history of the Supper Club to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Hicks’ Landing.  This decision was made in response to the many wonderful requests received from Hicks’ Landing customers and friends over the past years and also as a commemoration to her late parents, sister, and everyone in the Hicks’ Landing “family.” Connie has done a stellar job adding a historical perspective to an already outstanding publication. Along with the historical perspective, this cookbook contains the original 86 pages of many of the recipes that made Hicks’ Landing a pioneer in the history of fine dining.

Any proceeds from the distribution of the cookbook will be used toward the preservation of the history and legacy of Hicks’ Landing, the Hicks Family and the preservation activities of the Price County Historical Society.