Phillips Fire Centennial 1894 – 1994


Phillips Fire Centennial 1894 – 1994 by the Phillips Fire Centennial Book Committee

“The very air seemed to explode and burn. No power on earth could have stopped it. It was a terrible night for those who were cut off and surrounded at different points by the fire. Many were obliged to keep their heads covered all night with wet clothing and to throw water over each other to keep alive. It was a terrible night never to be forgotten by those who passed through it.”
– The Phillips Bee, August 1, 1894

On July 27, 1894, the entire city of Phillips was consumed by a wave of fire whose flames rose 200 feet into the air. Thirteen people perished including eight children. Monetary losses were in the millions of dollars. This book describes Phillips before, during, and after the great fire. Vivid descriptions, photographs, and first-person accounts tell the story of that awful event and the subsequent courage and resiliency of the citizens as they reclaimed and rebuilt their city.

176 pages